Medication Errors: An Obstacle To Patient Safety

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  1. Working with technology dependant children in their own homes, we work to a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). Medication transcribing from bottle to the medication administration record is done with a second person and signed as accurate.
    We have a medication handover that must be completed with the parent at the beginning and end of the respite shift, we also follow the 6 rights of meds admin, person, date, time, drug, dose, route.
    Our staff have yearly theoretical updates and practical assessments, we undertake bi-monthly audits of the SOP

  2. I believe a portion of these areas are overworked staff, which leaves missing devices inside patients, missing symptoms, missing medicines, and incorrect medication doses.

    That said, with the current Coronavirus crisis I can not even begin to imagine what Nurses are having to cope with at this time. Thank you for all you do and we will not forget.

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