• Our customer base spans over 53 countries.

  • FDA conducted an on-site inspection on quality system for manufacturing medical devices at Qlicksmart’s Head Office, and no objectionable practices and/or violation were found during the inspection, which demonstrated Qlicksmart’s compliance to the FDA quality system.

    Jun, 2014
  • BladeNeedleSYSTEM is launched.

  • SnapIT Lite Ampoule Openers and BladeSINGLE are launched.

  • Qlicksmart is named one of the top nominees for the INDEX: Awards in Denmark.

  • BladeCASSETTE is launched and Qlicksmart works with other local inventors to launch SnapIT (invented by a registered nurse) and CheckCLIP (invented by 3 paramedics).

  • Qlicksmart is ISO 13485 certified.

    Dec, 2006
  • Qlicksmart wins the Sharps Injury Prevention Award from ISIPS International Sharps Injury Prevention Society.

  • Smartstream is incorporated. In the same year, a distribution agreement was established with Qlicksmart as the Channel Management company for the Qlicksmart products.

  • Qlicksmart received an award in “Recognising and Rewarding Quality in General Practice” for BladeFLASK from the Australian General Practice Accreditation Limited.

  • Qlicksmart wins the R&D Start Grant awarded by AusIndustry and Industry Science Resources.

  • Qlicksmart wins the Gold Medal at the 28th International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva, and the International Federation of Inventors Association Prize 2000, for the best internationally judged invention.

  • Qlicksmart’s wins the Australian Design Award for Engineering 1999 for BladeFLASK from Standards Australia.

  • Qlicksmart achieves compliance with AS/NZS 3825:1998 Standard. In the same year, Qlicksmart’s BladeFLASK is launched and short-listed for Australian Design Award in both “Design” and “Engineering” categories.

  • BladeFLASK is awarded with “Best New Product – Infection Control” at the Hospital & Healthcare Trade Exhibition by the Australian Trade Exhibitions.

  • Qlicksmart is established.


The Qlicksmart Story

Qlicksmart was established by two Australian medical doctors, Dr. Neville Henry AM and Dr. Michael Sinnott. This was partly in response to Dr. Neville’s colleague, CN Ann Todkill’s statement: “there has to be a better way” while pointing at a rusty pair of artery forceps that she used to remove used scalpel blades. Her statement prompted Dr. Neville to design a better way to remove scalpel blades without the risk of injuries and the spread of blood borne disease.

After years of research and numerous attempts, the first prototype was made with a cyclosporine tablets container in Neville’s garage under the family home. Dr. Neville subsequently showed the prototype to his friend and colleague, Dr. Michael Sinnott, who was also deeply concerned about sharps safety issues. Both of them aimed to bring this invention to the public to protect all scalpel users from injuries and their deleterious effects.

neville working in garage

However, their path to establishing the company was not an easy one after failing to generate interest from a major multinational corporation with their invention. But being Aussie battlers themselves, they continued their path independently, driven by an unwavering belief that the doing the right thing would be rewarding. Fortunately, they successfully obtained the government’s R&D funding to set up the company in 1995. Since then, Qlicksmart has been dedicated to designing and developing safety devices to prevent injuries and improve workplace safety.

Qlicksmart Today

Today, we continue our efforts by developing innovative products and dedicating ourselves to quality management of our products, procedures, and suppliers, to prevent injuries for all sharps users around the world. We have developed a wide range of safety solutions for sharps management and medication labelling.

We also recognise that workplace safety goes beyond the use of safety devices. As part of our commitment to improve workplace safety, we are active at advocating staff safety at the industry and regulatory levels. Education programs are regularly conducted to raise awareness of sharps injuries and workplace safety. We also vigorously advocate legislative change to integrate staff safety audits into the current independent accreditation programs for hospitals in Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe, and Asia.

We are committed to fulfilling customer satisfaction and regulatory requirements through quality management systems for continued improvement of our products and services. Qlicksmart is accredited to ISO 13485, the International Standard for Quality Management System for medical device companies. In particular, our quality system complies with:

  • FDA 21 CFR Part 820
  • EC Council Directive 93/42/EEC as amended by Directive 2007/47/EC
  • Australian Therapeutic Goods Act 1989, Australia Therapeutic Goods Amendment (Medical Devices) Act 2002, and Therapeutic Goods Amendment (Medical Devices and Other Measures) Act 2009.

Through expansion of our operations, our efforts in reducing sharps injuries have been evidenced in many hospitals, clinics, universities, and schools around the world, including in Australasia, Europe, Asia, and North and South America.