September 6 , 2017

7 Things About Ampoule Injuries You Need To Know

Ampoule injuries are far too common. You might be surprised to know that ampoule injuries are the most common type of sharps ...

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August 18 , 2017

Five Reasons, For Patient And Staff Safety, Surgeons Should Avoid Safety Scalpels.

Safety scalpels have been developed in response to a call for a better management of sharps in the healthcare industry and ha...

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August 3 , 2017

Staff and Patient Safety: Reflection from Being Both as a Patient and a Doctor.

The afternoon light danced across the hospital quilt warming the room and I was comfortable. My husband nodded off to sleep i...

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July 27 , 2017

Top 5 Reasons You Should Invest In A Single-Handed Scalpel Blade Remover

You are the scrub nurse in the operating room for an open cholecystecomy to remove the gallstones causing the patients pain.....

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July 11 , 2017

Top 3 Negative Impacts from Not Using An Ampoule Opener

1 in 3 healthcare professionals suffer at least one ampoule injury in their lifetime from opening an ampoule.This is quit...

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June 26 , 2017

Reports from the Road – CE Seminar Feedback
Death of A Travelling Salesman Safety Education

As I travel around the USA giving talks on sharp safety, I am struck by the changes in perception on sharps injuries. Many of...

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