June 26 , 2017

Reports from the Road – CE Seminar Feedback

Death of A Travelling Salesman Safety Education

As I travel around the USA giving talks on shar...

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June 13 , 2017

Europrean Sharps Directive To Protect Healthcare Workers

Sharps directive is required to protect healthcare workers.In 2010, the European Council described sharps injuries as one...

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May 24 , 2017

Top 3 Reasons Why Nurses And Surgeons Avoid Safety Scalpels

During a recent visit to North America I had the opportunity to meet and talk with a large number of operating room nurses ab...

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May 12 , 2017

3 Worst Scalpel Blade Removing Practices You Should Stop Doing Today

A scalpel blade is an irreplaceable tool for healthcare professionals like surgeons, doctors, nurses and vets to perform proc...

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