August 18 , 2017

Five Reasons, For Patient And Staff Safety, Surgeons Should Avoid Safety Scalpels.

Safety scalpels have been developed in response to a call for a better management of sharps in the healthcare industry and ha...

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August 3 , 2017

Staff and Patient Safety: Reflection from Being Both as a Patient and a Doctor.

The afternoon light danced across the hospital quilt warming the room and I was comfortable. My husband nodded off to sleep i...

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July 27 , 2017

Top 5 Reasons You Should Invest In A Single-Handed Scalpel Blade Remover

You are the scrub nurse in the operating room for an open cholecystecomy to remove the gallstones causing the patients pain.....

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July 11 , 2017

Top 3 Negative Impacts from Not Using An Ampoule Opener

1 in 3 healthcare professionals suffer at least one ampoule injury in their lifetime from opening an ampoule.This is quit...

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June 26 , 2017

Reports from the Road – CE Seminar Feedback
Death of A Travelling Salesman Safety Education

As I travel around the USA giving talks on sharp safety, I am struck by the changes in perception on sharps injuries. Many of...

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June 13 , 2017

European Sharps Directive To Protect Healthcare Workers

Sharps directive is required to protect healthcare workers.In 2010, the European Council described sharps injuries as one...

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