christmas gift
December 14 , 2017

Christmas Gifts For The Healthcare Worker In Your Life

There are approximately 43 million healthcare workers in the world, so it’s likely that you know one and may even be stumpe...

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home care helps
November 30 , 2017

6 Things You May Not Know About Home Care

The 30th of November marks the end of Home Care & Hospice Month. Despite tw...

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Image compares famous philosophy statues and healthcare worker
November 17 , 2017

I Think, Therefore I Care

Philosophy is often cited as “thinking about thinking”, so with World Philosophy Day being celebrated this week (November...

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November 2 , 2017

Five Ways You Can Give Back To Your Nurses

Nurses are the backbone of the hospital setting; the cogs in the machine, and the soldiers on the frontline. While their role...

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September 6 , 2017

7 Things About Ampoule Injuries You Need To Know

Ampoule injuries are far too common. You might be surprised to know that ampoule injuries are the most common type of sharps ...

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August 18 , 2017

Five Reasons, For Patient And Staff Safety, Surgeons Should Avoid Safety Scalpels.

Safety scalpels have been developed in response to a call for a better management of sharps in the healthcare industry and ha...

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