speaking up is safe
September 27 , 2018

Silence Isn’t “Safe”. Speaking Up Is.

No matter their position or speciality, most medical and nursing professionals have had some experience in hesitating with speaking up when...

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young doctor experiencing burnout
February 15 , 2018

Burning out the Burnout

Burnout affects 54% of physicians and 34-38% of nurses, and the numbers are only increasing. But what is burnout, how...

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May 31 , 2017

Impact of Medication Errors on Patients, Healthcare Providers and Hospitals

While it could be the result of systemic issues or plain human error, medication errors can cause severe physical injury...

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March 16 , 2017

Medication Errors: An Obstacle To Patient Safety

All healthcare professionals strive to provide the safest care possible. Sometimes however, things can go wrong, and harm can be...

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