Superior product selection is paramount to growth and ongoing success for distribution companies in the highly competitive medical industry. Best-in-class and cost-effective products play significant parts in how a company is perceived, and can create better business opportunities with customers.

Constant changes to laws and directives create a greater awareness amongst healthcare workers for the need to invest in purpose-designed safety devices.

Qlicksmart offers top-quality products that comply with global regulatory standards and are value-for-money creating high volume repeat business. We have expanded our range of products to satisfy the needs of workers in a multitude of environments including hospitals, clinics, podiatry, dentistry, veterinary surgeries, laboratories, and paramedics to name a few. Partnering with Qlicksmart gives you access to the finest products, catering to the global healthcare industry and beyond.

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As entrepreneurs IMR’s understand and recognise the need for a balanced portfolio. It is widely recognised that industry knowledge, great communication skills, and the ability to close out business is your strength. Having a well-weighted product portfolio with repeat consumable business is the key to success.

Qlicksmart safety engineered devices are recognised worldwide by healthcare professionals and with an increased understanding for the need to protect staff from dangerous injuries, a real opportunity exists for astute IMR’s to partner with us and add value to your business

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Compliance with the use of safety medical devices is becoming the adopted norm in hospitals and clinics to prevent sharps injuries. Qlicksmart’s world-first single-handed blade removers comply with OSHA standards, the Australian and New Zealand Standard, the EU Directive, and occupational health and safety audits. The need for compliance and an increased awareness for sharps safety made our blade removers the first choice for hospitals and clinics around the world.

Qlicksmart offers cost-effective non-sterile blade removers to be seamlessly incorporated into your kit packs. This ensures compliance with local legislation. Partner with Qlicksmart to provide an extra layer of protection for your customers and continue to be their first choice.

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Sourcing the winning products allows you to gain the extra competitive edge and create loyalty resulting in increased sales. Value for money and high quality are always on a buyer’s list of expectations.

Qlicksmart SnapIT ampoule openers have proved to be an extremely popular safety device due their ease-of-use, functionality and quality. SnapIT is a compact, re-usable device that makes it a cost-effective choice for your customers.

Partner with Qlicksmart and grow your customer base.

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