Impact of Medication Errors on Patients, Healthcare Providers and Hospitals

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  1. When you are taking care of family is difficult to sue on those doctors errors working in hospital. But a time will come when we will research how to do it, and things will change for better.
    Is a shame and big error when hospitals are letting students taking care of patients!!!

  2. A doctor prescribed Xarelto, a blood thinner, 20mg. Along with 2,400 mg. Of Ibuprofen. Together they cause GI pleading. Then they added ferrous sulfate. An iron supplement. I got deathly ill. This is the penalty for letting nurse practitioners prescribe medicines that conflict. Now they say I have colon cancer and need a colonoscopy. Fat chance. It’s all medicine side effects. Stupid, stupid, stupid. I am suing them.

  3. I was in a drug rehab for a different reason than another patient with the 1st and they gave me her medication to take. I tried telling this nurse 5 times it wasn’t me and she was preoccupied and kept insisting I was wrong.. they gave me a antipsychotic pill and never checked on me to see if I was alright or check vitals… But the medicine made me have a severe psycho episode. Then two days later sent me and another girl to doctor for a check up dropped us off and three hours later never came back was contacted multiple times so we walk 6 miles back to rehab could have used jumped on Amtrak or anything walk up it wore me out I took nap in my bed other girl takes shower in her dorm then director has us come to her office asks us what happened I tell her and she terminated my stay? Do I have a lawsuit

  4. I had my hip replaced in 2013, when I was taken to theatre, the anesthetist was leaning against the door frame and said to me she’s in a rush! I was supposed to have an epidural as I have accute asthma and narrow airways. She then inserted a canula in my hand propmlty stuck some medicine into it. Immediately my eyes rolled up and I stepped breathing. I fought for help by grabbing the nurse in front of me as I couldn’t breath! She had given the previous patients medication for a general. When my husband approached PALS, they basically told him to go away, no interest. We approached a couple of law firms and were told we didn’t have a case. So basically my life means nothing. Today I suffer from PTSD and anxiety. I can’t work as I can’t leave my home. This person has ruined my life and no one is interested.

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