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CheckCLIP medication labeling device allows clinicians to draw up the drug with both the syringe and ampoule remaining in their hands at all time. This reduces the risk of both syringe swap and ampoule swap errors.

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Product Description

First hand exposure to these errors and near-misses inspired three Australian paramedics to invent the Qlicksmart CheckCLIP.

The CheckCLIP is simple and quick to use, enabling a clear visual cross-checking of the medication details without obstructing the incremental dosage markings on the syringe. This significantly improves the tracking and identification of medications, and assists in compliance with the Five Rights of medication administration.


Product EditionFor AmpouleFor Vial
Compatible syringe sizes1-20ml Luer and Luer Lock (majority)*
Compatible ampoule/ vial sizesGlass and plastic ampoules
1-10ml (majority)**
Vials with diameter up to 28mm***
(The sum of the syringe radius and vial radius
must be less than 23mm)
Size (per unit)Length 3.7cm
Width 2cm
Height 2.5cm
Length 4.3cm,
Width 2cm,
Height 1.8cm
GMDN code46240
MaterialPolypropylene (PP)
ReusableNo. Each unit attaches 1 ampoule or vial onto a syringe
Disposal MethodOnce medication has been administered and drug identification is no longer required, the whole syringe unit (with CheckCLIP and ampoule or vial attached) is disposed of as a medical waste in a sharps container.
Regulatory InformationAustralia – listed under TGA ARTG NO: 134522
USA – FDA-listed


*Compatibility depends on geometry and diameter of the syringe

**Exceptions include ampoules 25ml or larger

***Compatibility depends on the geometry and diameter of the vial