“The scalpel blade industry is undergoing significant change. Scalpel blades are ubiquitous in hospitals and surgeries, but they present a danger to staff. With an increasing number of sharps and needle-stick injuries, medicos are now demanding scalpels with safety mechanisms.
The problem with existing safety scalpels is that they don’t feel like “real scalpels”–they differ in terms of feel, weight and overall use. Because of this many surgeons are continuing to use conventional scalpels and scalpel blades, despite the risk of injury. QlickSmart’s safe scalpel removal system means that surgeons can continue to use conventional scalpels and scalpel blades without compromising their safety. The potential market for a safety scalpel technology is significant. The U.S. consumes around
130 million scalpel blades each year. Australia consumes around 9 million. Last year, there were approximately 600,000 to 800,000 sharps and needle-stick injuries in U.S. hospitals, which led to 1,400 HIV and Hepatitis infections. Apart from the emotional and psychological trauma for the people injured, each injury costs the US economy in excess of $500 in terms of lost work hours, reporting procedures and potential litigation.”