Several years ago now, I was in fear of potentially sustaining an injury and subsequent blood borne infection from manually removing contaminated scalpel blades, using an old pair of rejected, theatre artery forceps. My continual complaining (“whinging”) about the risks associated with such an inadequate practice, prompted my colleague, Dr Neville Henry to devise a rather crude but effective blade removing device. I was delighted, but he wasn’t, insisting that he could improve it, making it more user friendly and
safer. This was the birth of the Qlicksmart Scalpel Blade Remover we know and confidently use today. I am extremely proud and honoured to have played a small part (albeit as a whinger), in the development of such a reliable, cost effective tool and I know, that once they are implemented into surgical areas, they will provide added protection to my fellow health care workers for years to come.
“There had to be a better way & Qlicksmart is the better way.”