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The Qlicksmart SnapIT ampoule opener Trolley edition is made from high-quality, autoclavable aluminium, which offers complete protection against glass ampoule injuries. Available in three sizes, the SnapIT Trolley Edition comes with a flat side that stops it from rolling and potentially falling off a table or trolley.

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Product Description

Do you know? 1 out of 3 healthcare professionals have experienced an injury while opening a glass ampoule.

Ampoule injury is the most common sharps injury, even more than injuries from disposable syringes, suture needles and scalpels!

But we can put a stop to it.

The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that 62% to 88% of sharps injuries can be prevented by using a safer medical devices.

Repeated personal injuries whilst opening ampoules led an Australian registered nurse to invent the award-winning Qlicksmart SnapIT ampoule opener.

SnapIT is designed to protect users from injury if an ampoule exposes a sharp edge or shatters while being opened. Removing this risk reduces their anxiety when working with glass ampoules.

Our ampoule openers are simple to use with a quick “insert and snap” action. Being reusable, SnapIT is a cost-effective solution to open glass ampoules.


Product Edition Personal Trolley
Product Code SN-01R TE-01R TE-01L TE-01XL
Product Size Regular Regular Large Extra Large
Compatible Ampoule Sizes 1-2ml, 5-10ml, 10-15ml 1-2ml, 5-10ml, 10-15ml 5-10ml, 10-15ml, 20-25ml 20-25ml, 25-30ml
Allowable Bulb Sizes 7.15mm to 9.75mm 7.15mm to 9.75mm 9.70mm to 12.45mm 12.70mm to 15.05mm
Weight Per Unit 34g 50g 74g 66g
Size Per Unit Length: 80mm Width: 17mm Length: 80mm Width: 25mm Length: 80mm Width: 29mm Length: 80mm Width: 25mm
Colour Range Blue, Purple Black Red Blue
GMDN Code 10098
Material Anodised aluminium (body), Silicon (o-ring), Stainless steel (keyring and spring)
Latex No
Sterile No, but autoclavable to 130°C
Reusable? Multi-use. O-ring can be replaced if lost or broken.
Regulatory information USA FDA listed



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