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SnapIT Trolley Aluminium Ampoule Opener

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Open ampoules without the anxiety using the SnapIT Trolley ampoule opener. Made from anodised aluminium, this reusable safety tool will help you open ampoules quickly and safely.
• Can be autoclaved to 130° Celsius (266°F).
• Flat side to prevent rolling off bench
• Available in 3 sizes for your choice

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• Product size: Regular / Large / Extra Large
• Compatible ampoule sizes: 1-2ml, 5-10ml, 10-15ml / 5-10ml, 10-15ml, 20-25ml / 20-25mL, 25-30 mL
• Allowable Bulb Size: 7.15mm to 9.75mm / 9.70mm to 12.45mm / extra large


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Can SnapIT Trolley be sterilised?

Yes. The SnapIT Trolley can be autoclaved up to 130° Celsius (266°F).

How do I tell if the SnapIT Trolley is compatible with our ampoules?

SnapIT Trolley comes in three sizes (Regular, Large, and Extra Large), for opening the different sizes of ampoules. However, compatibility depends on the ampoule’s geometry and the diameter of the ampoule lid. Ampoules of the same size can have a different geometry and ampoule lid diameter. The ampoule size in ml is used only as a guideline.
You can test compatibility by gently inserting the head of the ampoule into the SnapIT Trolley. If it does not easily fit, please do not force the ampoule.

How often do I need to clean SnapIT Trolley?

We recommend cleaning your SnapIT regularly, to remove any glass residue that is left inside. Please check with your organisation’s cleaning routine for such devices.
If you open a “bad” ampoule and the glass shatters inside your SnapIT, clean the device immediately while wearing gloves and replace your O-Ring.

How do I clean the SnapIT Trolley?

Disassemble the SnapIT by removing the keyring and O-Ring as per the instructions provided in the SnapIT Trolley packaging. Water and most medical-grade cleaning agents can be used.
To watch a video on how to use and clean the SnapIT, click here.

Can I use the SnapIT Trolley to open non-scored glass ampoules?

o. The SnapIT is designed to safely open scored ampoules.
If the ampoule is scored on one side (as indicated by the dot), align the dot on the ampoule with the dot on the SnapIT Trolley and snap away. If the ampoule is scored all the way around (as indicated by the band), you can align the SnapIT Trolley as is comfortable and snap away.
To watch a video on how to use the SnapIT Personal, click here.

Is the SnapIT Trolley latex free?

Yes. The SnapIT Trolley body is made of durable anodised aluminium and the O-ring inside is made of silicone rubber. The spring and keyring are made from stainless steel.

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