In this section, you will find materials regarding sharps safety, issues with safety scalpel, and proper everyday management in the healthcare sector.

Training Materials

Staff Safety and Why Do We Ignore It
This powerpoint describes the reasons behind general negligence among healthcare workers in regards to sharps safety and possible remedies to address this pertinent issue.
Blame-worthy phenomenon in sharps injuries among nurses
This poster presents Dr. Michael Sinnott's observation of the "Blame-worthy" phenomenon in sharps injuries among nurses who blame themselves when they are injured.
"Scalpel Safety”: Will Surgeons Ever Willingly Comply?
This poster describes the issues and misconceptions about Safety Scalpels and evidences that traditional scalpel handles, which are preferred by 95% of surgeons, is superior and safer than the former.
Sharps injuries – Why I am to blame!
This poster illustrates the possible causes of high incidence of sharps injuries in Australian hospitals and a cultural shift by both management and staff is required to change the current practices.

*Poster presented at the American Psychological Association Conference, Denver, Colorado, August 4-7, 2016