BladeNeedleSYSTEM Sterile Scalpel Blade Remover + Needle Counter

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Maintain safe sharps practices in the Operating Theatre with the Qlicksmart BladeNeedleSYSTEM. Engineered by healthcare professionals, the BladeNeedleSYSTEM combines a 20-count needle counter with two safety-engineered scalpel blade removal cartridges for safe and efficient sharps removal, containment, counting, and disposal. Hear the QLICK™ sound and be safe.

    • Removes up to 2 scalpel blades, with a single-handed action
    • Audible “QLICK” sound signifies safe scalpel blade removal and containment
    • Transparent blade remover cartridges for easy counting of contained blades
    • Thick foam needle counter for optimum safety against suture needles
    • Overlapping lid and magnetic surface to ensure safe disposal
    • Independently tested by a NATA accredited company for compliance to AS3825:2020
    • Available off-the-shelf (sterile) or as part of a surgical procedure pack

Compatible with most general surgery blades; compatible with flat handles, long handles, Baron handles, and circular handles.

This easy-to-use solution provides a low cost alternative to safety scalpels, allowing surgeons to maintain their preferences for the standard metal handle. Available for sterile and non-sterile usage.

Note: The colour of the product is dependent on your region’s regulations.

    • RED – USA, Central, and South America markets only
    • YELLOW – Oceania, Asia, Europe, Africa, and Canada markets only

For Australian customers, sample blunt blades are available for trial.