BladeCASSETTE Sterile Scalpel Blade Remover


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Maintain safe sharps practices in the Operating Theatre with the Qlicksmart BladeCASSETTE. Engineered by healthcare professionals, the BladeCASSETTE utilises automatic safety technology for safe and efficient scalpel blade removal, containment, counting, and disposal. Embrace safety with the standard in sterile scalpel blade removals. Hear the QLICK™ sound and be safe.

    • Removes up to 3 scalpel blades, with a single-handed action
    • Audible “QLICK” sound signifies safe scalpel blade removal and containment
    • Transparent cartridges for easy counting of contained blades
    • Available off-the-shelf (sterile) or as part of a surgical procedure pack
    • Compact in size – perfect for Mayo stands
    • Independently tested by a NATA accredited company for compliance to AS3825:2020

Compatible with most general surgery blades; compatible with flat handles, long handles, Baron handles, and circular handles.

This easy-to-use solution provides a low cost alternative to safety scalpels, allowing surgeons to maintain their preferences for the standard metal handle. Available for sterile and non-sterile usage.

Note: The colour of the product is dependent on your region’s regulations.

    • RED – USA, Central, and South America markets only
    • YELLOW – Oceania, Asia, Europe, Africa, and Canada markets only

For Australian customers, sample blunt blades are available for trial.