BladeFlask EVO Scalpel Blade Remover


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The Qlicksmart BladeFlask EVO is able to accommodate even more types of BP scalpel handles and blades than any other remover including large autopsy scalpels, Barron, bulbous, thick and round handles, hexagonal shaped versions, and the new Ergonomic handles – giving you greater freedom in using any scalpel you want. It is so simple to use with just one hand. Embrace safety with the new standard in scalpel blade removals.

  • Single-handed blade removal
  • Shuts off after maximum capacity is reached
  • Compatible with all scalpel blades, including PM60A, PM60B ,and PM70
  • Compatible with most standard BP scalpel handles including Barron, hexagonal, bulbous, Ergonomic, PM6, and PM8 handles
  • Puncture-proof and tested to meet United Nations Transport Requirements for Dangerous Goods

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The Qlicksmart Mounting Bracket is needed to affix this to a flat surface.

The BladeFLASK EVO is now available to order. Please Click HERE to send an enquiry.

Note: The colour of the product is dependent on your region’s sharps container regulations.

    • RED – USA, Central, and South America markets only
    • YELLOW – Oceania, Asia, Europe, Africa, and Canada markets only
    • Orange Label – UK and Ireland markets only

Please note that website orders for this item is only available to Australia. For orders in other locations, please contact us to find the distributor in your area.

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